Simon is a former national and regional newspaper editor who now works as a freelance journalist and media consultant in the UK and Ireland.

Joe Cahal is a freelance writer who has worked at the BBC and as a journalist and editor for British newspapers.

Anita Alig is a journalist and writer living in the West of Ireland. Above all, she loves poetry but also likes to put pen and paper to current affairs and lesser-told stories.

David Adams earned his master’s degrees in politics & policy analysis and has since started his journalistic endeavours. Prior to joining Westminster Daily, David worked as an economics and policy consultant.

Annabel Whitman is a freelance journalist based in London. She has a bachelor’s degree in Media and Communications Studies. She is also a community manager with over 5 years of experience.



Aidan Chivers is a recent Oxford graduate and freelance journalist. He writes on both UK and international politics, and is currently enrolled on a Masters in Politics.


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